Since mankind’s creation, we have always looked up at the skies and wished to freely travel its wide open spaces. We’ve looked at birds and other airborne creatures with envy. And after centuries of messing with failed prototypes, we were able to overcome the challenges associated with flying, so beginning the dawn of human aviation. Over the course of aviation’s history, there have been a bevy of important and impactful aircraft. That being said, I wanted to take a trip down memory lane and highlight a few of the most impactful aircraft in aviation history.

Handley Page Type W – 1921

The Type W is, for the most part, a very unassuming aircraft at first glance. It could only hold 15 passengers in its cabin, which, by today’s standards, is shockingly small, but it did have one stand out feature that put it on the map: a bathroom. That’s right, the Type W is widely considered to be the first airliner to include a bathroom for its passengers. While me may take airplane bathroom breaks for granted today, there was a time when airplanes were unable to provide the sweet sanctuary of a bathroom.

Boeing 247 – 1933

Here’s a name that you are all probably very familiar with. The Boeing 247 did for aviation what the iPhone did for the smartphone industry. This aircraft set the new standard for what an aircraft should be. It offered an airplane that was quick, comfortable, safe, and most importantly, reliable. Since then, airplane manufacturers have been following the 247’s guide.

Boeing 307 Stratoliner

Have you ever stopped to think about how high airplanes can travel? It’s really quite amazing how high they can go. Did you know that airplanes, at one time in history, were not able to climb even 30,000 feet? That’s precisely what the Boeing 307 changed. Although it was unable to travel to the now-standard height of 30,000 feet, it was the first aircraft to feature a pressurized cabin and comfortably fly at 20,000. This allowed the plane to avoid any potential bad weather, which, if you’ve ever experienced turbulence before, you know is a very big deal.

The aviation industry has come so far since its humble beginnings. The best part about it is that we are still gaining new and exciting technologies that are being implemented into our newest airplane designs. We will push the limits of aviation further than we could have ever dreamed. I’m excited to see the next round of airplanes that change the face of the industry.