The behind-the-scenes things that happen on airplanes everyday might surprise you. Even though flying around thousands of miles above the ground may seem like it would keep the pilots and attendants busy enough, but there’s so much more to working for an airline than meets the eye. As anyone who has worked anywhere for a significant amount of time might know, if it happens more than once, then it is eventually noticed by everyone who works there. Working for the airlines is no different.

Flight attendants have revealed some interesting fact about working on a plane. Did you know that there are no rules for flight attendants to flirt with passengers? Naturally, seeing to a certain level of professionalism is a top priority for a flight attendant, but there is no actual rule against them getting to know guests a little better and maybe even going on a date with a passenger after their shift ends.

Upgrading to a higher class seat may not be as rare as you might think. They don’t actually always happen by a stroke of luck. Offering upgrades to passengers is actually something that all crew members have within their power to provide airplane guests at their own discretion. That means you might get an upgrade because you look great that day, because you’re pregnant, or simply because an attendant has taken a liking to you.

Another intriguing fact is that cola is actually the most time consuming drink for a flight attendant to pour for airplane guests. Since you’re so high up, the altitude makes the carbonation take a great deal longer to go down all the way. This simple fact might make you rethink asking for a dark soda next time you’re on a flight, if you feel the need to be merciful to the polite attendant.

Thinking of sneaking away with that special one to the airplane bathroom, in order to become an ordained member of the “Mile High” Club? Well, think again. Bathrooms on airplanes actually have the ability to be unlocked from the outside. This is there for the safety of the passengers, in case someone is in the bathroom and needs help for whatever reason, such as a heart attack or stroke