If you’ve ever been on a long haul flight with nothing to do, you know all too well how difficult (and boring) it can be to get through hour after hour with nothing to do but watch the clouds pass by. Before leaving home for your flight, be sure to read our list of entertainment ideas to make sure your flight flies by!

Get lost in the pages of a book

Take advantage of this block of time to finally start (or finish) that book you’ve been wanting to read. Let the mystery, suspense or romance keep your mind off the flight and on the plot.

Take in a movie or two

Watching movies is one of the mainstays of air travel. Many airlines provide a terrific selection of genres for both movies and TV shows. Now’s the time to binge-watch that series you’ve been hearing so many rave about. One of the best parts of having so many options, is that just scrolling through eats away at the time!

Play a game

Games aren’t just for kids. Take a look at the lineup of games available to download to your phone or tablet, and you’ll find a dizzying array of choices — from puzzles to brain teasers to action and adventure.

Get crafty

Whether your hobby is adult coloring books, knitting or crocheting, long flights are an opportune time to chip away at your project.

Get a jump on work-related tasks

You have nowhere to go for upwards of five hours, so use this time to work on an assignment with a fast-approaching deadline, finalize a report or brainstorm ideas for a future project.

Plan your trip’s itinerary

If you’ll be taking in the sights on your own, take this time to decide what you’ll see first. There are plenty of apps such as the Lonely Planet guides app that’re packed with must-see attractions, tips, local maps and neighborhood guides that can help you organize your trip. Apps such as Budget Your Trip can estimate how much money you’ll spend each day, so you can stay on budget.

Brush up on your language skills

If you’ll be traveling to a destination that speaks a language you’re unfamiliar with, use this time to learn important phrases. Resources such as Duolingo teach you the basics, such as “good morning,” “thank you,” “how much does this cost?” and beyond in a fun, interactive way.