Flight delays are perhaps the worst travel situation to deal with, but new regulations are going into effect to keep airlines accountable to the passengers they’ve built their business on. The new flight delay compensation system would give passengers the ability to file a claim in order to gain monetary compensation from an airline when there is a significant delay in the posted time of travel. Flight passengers often pay a premium for earlier, shorter, shorter flights in order to arrive at their destination on time, and when airlines cause a flight to be delayed because of overbooking or mismanagement, it can cause disruption or even loss of income to patrons.

The rules in Canada allow for only specific types of delays to be compensated, and also come with payout guidelines that are dependent on time frames and the size of the airline. First and foremost, the new compensation system allows for claims to be filed when there is travel to and from a Canadian destination, and when a flight takes off or lands in a Canadian destination with all airline carriers. Any flight that is delayed because of overbooking, crew issues, mechanical issues that aren’t related to regular maintenance checks, or other issue that is the direct result of the airline and its staff. This does not cover weather and mechanical issues that the airline has no control over.

Under the new compensation system, a passenger can expect to see a monetary reward that is between $125 and $1000, depending on the airline carrier and the length of the delay. Reward amounts for delays in the same time frame would differ based on the size of the airline carrier, small airline refunds start at $125 and are capped at $500, which large airline refunds start at $400 and are capped at $1,000. In both instances, the responsibility is on the passenger to claim a refund for their flight delay, not the airline. The only responsibility the airline has to passengers is to inform them of their rights and provide information for making a claim to the airline.

These new regulations keep airlines accountable and rein in booking practices that have led to some of the worst issues related to flight delays.