The Cessna Citation first took to the skies in 1969. Since then, over 7,500 Citation series jets have been produced. They’ve logged over 35 million miles in the sky. Together, they make up the largest fleet of business jets in the world. Over 50 years, these business jets are favorites with many charter pilots and passengers.

The Citation has endured in part because Textron Aviation knows how to adapt to a changing market. The original, the Citation I, was a surprisingly popular design. It was classified as a small business jet, and remained in production from 1969 to 1985. The Citation I was known for being durable, spacious and slow. Some pilots have compared its performance to the Chevrolet Suburban SUV. The Citation I was very safe and practical, but not a ton of fun.

The Citation II made its debut in 1978 and was produced until 2006. Classified as a light corporate jet, these jets were larger than the Citation I. In more recent years, the Citation series has offered popular midsized business jets like the Latitude. The Citation Latitude was the most-delivered aircraft in its category for three years in a row. It’s popular because of its transcontinental range and comfortable cabin. Today, Textron Aviation has produced another game-changing Citation that’s pushing the limits of what a midsize business jet can do.

The Citation Longitude is 73 feet and 2 inches long. It’s classified as a super-midsize business jet. The Longitude’s wings and fuselage are made from aluminum. It features the most soundproof cabin in its class. Overall, it takes the series to a new level of luxury. The Longitude offers passengers an extra 4 inches of headroom, and more elbow room, too.

The Longitude offers other amenities, too. Passengers are guaranteed to be comfortable, because they can control temperature settings. There’s also high-speed internet, which means that people can work on the flight. Pilots love the Garmin G5000 flight deck. It offers heads-up operation and better visibility. The Longitude is already a favorite with companies including NetJets.

The Citation series has remained vital, even after 50 years. Textron Aviation continues to improve and innovate with this series of versatile business jets. It will be exciting to see what the Citation does in its next 50 years of history.