There were nearly 4.3 billion air travelers last year. The International Air Transport Association projects that number to double by the year 2037, mainly due to a booming middle-class economy. And, many fliers will be from China and India, due to the rapid growth.

Since 1929, OAG Aviation Worldwide has built an extensive database around the field of aviation which is used worldwide to study consumer travel trends. They now collect information from over 900 different airlines and more than 4,000 airports. OAG’s Punctuality League has recently released their on-time performance report for 2018.

Which airlines are being measured?

Any airline within their network of airports that provides flight status data of at least eighty percent of their flights.

What qualifies as on-time performance?

OAG defines it as arriving and departing within 15 minutes of the scheduled time.

How much flight information does OAG have?

Their Punctuality League will sort through over 58 million flight records to compile the list.

Here are some of the most punctual airlines in the world that made OAG’s top ten list.

Copa Airlines led the pack with 89.8 percent of their flights qualifying as on-time.

Founded in 1947, their headquarters are in Panama City, Panama. They also own Copa Airlines Columbia. Earning the title as the first Latin American airline to top the list, they only focused on domestic flights until 1980, when they switched to international flights. They later partnered with Continental Airlines, pioneering the frequent flyer programs that prevail today.

Ranking second on the list, Air Baltic scored an 89.2 percent.

Dethroned by Copa Airlines, Air Baltic had held the top spot for the last three years. Founded inn 1995, as a partnership between the Latvian state and Scandinavian Airlines, they were the first airline to introduce an online check-in within the Baltic states in 2007.

Hawaiian Airlines was the only US based carrier to make the list.

In 4th place on the list, with an 87.5 percent on-time rate, Hawaiian Airlines is the 10th largest commercial airline in America. They’ve also never had a fatal accident, and are known for having the fewest cancellations and baggage problems. Founded in 1929, they initially only serviced the Hawaiian islands. In 1985, they made their first flight to Los Angeles, and the rest is history.

Latam Airlines, from Chile, scored an 85.6, placing them 7th on the list.

Considered the largest airline in Latin America, they also ranked first in OAG’s mega airlines category. Founded in 2012, they are currently in the process of rebranding with improvements to cabin interiors, frequent flyer lounges, and digital technological advances.