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David Pflieger is an incredibly successful aviation professional, pilot and executive. His knowledge, leadership and aviation expertise┬ácan all be attributed to his decades of hard work in multiple industries. From legal work to aviation to executive-level positions, there isn’t a sector of the aviation industry that David hasn’t touched.

David has worked his way through several positions at several companies. He has been a part of several major airlines, like Delta Airlines, and has even been instrumental in the growth of other airlines like Virgin America. David also has a track record of taking over failing airlines, restructuring the company and improving revenue and performance.

It is David’s outstanding work for Air Pacific and Fiji Airways that landed him the position of CEO and President of Ravn Alaska, Alaska’s largest airline. In this position, David is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the airline, from managing the fleet to assessing the airline’s finances, there isn’t anything that David can not do.

In his first year as Managing Director and CEO of Fiji’s national airline, Air Pacific, David Pflieger revitalized the troubled carrier, increasing gross revenues by F$40 million to nearly F$600 million while significantly lowering costs and reducing the company’s year-over-year operating losses by almost F$90 million. David Pflieger also led the downsizing and consolidation of Air Pacific and its subsidiary, Pacific Sun, streamlining both companies to just over 900 employees flying 14 aircraft and serving 1 million customers annually.

In addition to his fiscal achievements, David Pflieger guided the company to a 15% increase in annual on-time performance, besting its two major competitors. Identifying multiple operational and customer service challenges, David Pflieger also created a focused Guest Service Department to address catering, mishandled baggage, and customer service issues. Mr. Pflieger oversaw the creation of the airline’s first-ever comprehensive fuel conservation program; the start of new service to Auckland, New Zealand; and a seamless transition to a stand-alone reservations system. He also ensured the successful restructuring of all management, vendor, and employee contracts, as well as the acquisition of an additional B737-800 and the purchase and financing of three new Airbus A330 aircraft.

In recognition of his early work assisting tourism, the government of Fiji appointed David Pflieger Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tourism Fiji, the country’s national tourism organization. Mr. Pflieger is also a Member of the Board of Directors of Richmond, Ltd., which owns Sofitel Fiji Resort and Spa, and a former Board Member of the California Chamber of Commerce.

David Pflieger is a world-class pilot, aviation professional, businessman and executive. As an aviator with an extensive resume, it comes as no surprise that David is familiar with several parts of the world. He has lived in a bevy of states throughout the US, including Florida, California, Hawaii and Alaska. He has visited countless other states and countries around the globe. It is one of the reasons he loves the aviation industry.

Throughout his travels, David has enjoyed each and every state that he’s lived in. He enjoyed Florida’s warmth and beaches, Hawaii’s pristine waters and gorgeous vistas and California’s energetic atmosphere. Currently, as the CEO of Ravn Alaska, David lives in Anchorage, Alaska. There, he manages all aspects of the airline from finance to quality assurance.

The state’s rugged wilderness and breathtaking views have provided hours of fun for David. He thoroughly enjoys living in one of the country’s largest and most beautiful states.

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