David Pflieger Inside Honda's New Million-dollar Jet

Honda has recently introduced its $4.9 million jet to the market. This jet took over 30 years to develop, and it includes some very unique features inside and outside.


This Honda jet can easily carry seven people. Four can sit in special seats designed to be infinitely adjustable because of their ball-and-spring construction. A fifth passenger can sit on a jump seat located just inside the cabin door while a sixth passenger can sit in the co-pilot’s seat because the plane is designed so that one person can use three touchscreens to operate the plane efficiently.


Passengers aboard the plane can brag about their experiences since the plane comes equipped with WiFi. Those riding on the plane also have the ability to look out extremely large windows. Honda was able to make the windows much larger because they mounted the engines over the wings. Moving the engines also made the small jet much quieter allowing passengers to carry on conversations without needing to raise their voices. When Mother Nature calls, passengers can use the lavatory that comes complete with a flush toilet and running water in the sink.


Passengers can also bring more things with them on vacation or to a business meeting. The unique engine position allows the plane to carry up to 66 cubic feet of cargo which is much more than other comparable jets. Officials with Honda say that they have carefully designed this plane to be flown by novices without any help. Company executives said that they could teach someone who has never flown before to operate the plane in under five minutes.


Of course, passengers may never notice the difference because they will not need to be on the plane very long. The plane has already set two-speed records moving along most of the East Coast in under three hours. It is also capable of flying higher than commercial jets allowing it to get out of most weather patterns.


If you would like to own the new HondaJet that the company spent 30 years developing, then you will need to wait in line. Currently, the company is only building one plane each week, but they hope to increase production of this luxury airline so that they are building about 60 jets annually.


After numerous delays, Honda Jet has finally given elite passengers a ride on their new corporate jet designed to be flown by a single pilot. These passengers were amazed at the luxury they found inside the $4.9 billion jet.