If you’re an American, or you’ve ever visited America, you may have heard of Air Force One. The famed airplane is the preferred method of travel for America’s Commander-In-Chief, and if you’re familiar with it, you know that it features some of the latest and greatest technology to keep the president safe and sound while flying through the air. It seems as though Air India will be getting a new and improved airplane that could give Air Force One a run for its money.

Although Air India has had airplanes designated for serving heads of state for quite some time, the airline is now going to update its fleet to feature the world’s leading technology and safety precautions. More specifically, Air India will be purchasing two Boeing 777-300ER airplanes and restructuring them to meet the needs of the country’s VVIPs.

The Boeing 777-300ER boasts GE’s 90-115BL engines, the world’s most powerful jet engines. The ER stands for “extended range,” meaning that the plane has a longer range than the standard model. This allows for more fly time and less stopping for fuel. The inside of the plane will feature a conference room, kitchen, and even an executive room exclusively designed for the Prime Minister or President.

As is the case with most government-backed aircraft, the Air India plane will be retrofitted with a variety of tech and materials to make it as secure as possible. For example, there are reports claiming that the plane will be composed of a special radar-sensing material so that those on board can detect any incoming missiles. It will also feature special radar technology that can deflect any potential radio intrusion. The plane will even be able to refuel in mid-air! That’s impressive.

It’s great to see Air India finally improving the security and technology of their current VVIP fleet. The planes should be put to use in the coming months.