Let’s be honest: traveling can be rather stressful. Whether you are flying for an important business meeting, your dream destination wedding, or a nice family vacation, things typically get hectic. Flights are delayed, airlines lose your luggage and the less said about navigating the various dauntingly complex gates and terminals the better. That being said, I figured I could name 3 airports that are impressive and are where you would want to be if your flight is delayed.

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport

With an average yearly snowfall of 45 inches, Minneapolis-St.Paul International is no stranger to flight delays and cancellations. And because of their heavy experience with delays, MSP is certainly prepared. According to a report from Sleepinginairports.com, MSP hands out blankets and even sleeping mats for travelers stranded by snowstorms. The airport is also well known for its cleanliness and terrific communication between staff. If you’re stranded and have some money to spend, why not head over to one of the 50 retail shops inside of the airport? Or visit the cafeteria with healthy food options and free, public access iPads.

Orlando International Airport

As an incredibly popular vacation destination, Orlando sees a large amount of travelers coming and going through Orlando International. And all of those travelers seem to really enjoy MCO. According to Travel and Leisure, the airport is renowned for its top notch Wi-Fi, 70 eateries and shops and close ties to Disney World. The immensely popular theme park has multiple gift shops in the airport, including the Disney Earport and The Magic of Disney. Throw in the Kennedy Space Center Space Shop and the Orlando Gem Collection and travelers will likely spend more on souvenirs than on airfare.

San Francisco International Airport

San Francisco’s airport might give Orlando a run for its money as the most family friendly airport in the US. Families traveling through the west coast airport can expect to visit the SFO Kids’ Sport (a play area for children), attractions for children from the Exploratorium of San Francisco and even a children’s art exhibition! Travelers without children can also induge in one of the many brand name shops, eateries and services, like DVD-rentals and showers.